Friday, August 5, 2011

Our Prodigal of Spending, has brought us to this

Whether it be a person, group or nation, each of the three are known by their behavior. This nation, the good  'O' U.S. of A., has for many years spent the taxpayers money as if there were no end. I remember many years ago it was reported on one of the major three networks (at that time there were ABC, NBC and CBS) of the reckless spending that the federal government was engaged in, the segment was called "fleecing of America," detailing how our tax dollars were being put to ill-use. It has recently been reported that a city in the state of Rhodes Island has applied for bankruptcy, not only are cities and towns becoming bankrupt but from the look of things, this Nation is bankrupt. It has been said that there are nine states beside the state of Rhodes Island that are in or near bankruptcy. It is disturbing to me how the so-called leaders of this nation (Congress and the White House) have not done due diligent with the revenues of this country. The excessive spending did not begin overnight and recovery has not begun to move us from this quagmire we find ourselves in. The members of Congress, whether we speak of the current masses or those that served in earlier times, they as a whole, along with whomever were occupying the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., engaged themselves in some most ridiculous spending practices that has cause this country to be so heavily indebted  that I truly do not see us being freed from this burden in my life time. It has been reported that some of the  funds that were allocated for use in the Iraq fiasco is unaccounted for, millions, if not billions of taxpayers dollars, where are those that are to give an account of the taxpayers dollars, the regulators? Subsiding businesses that need no "welfare", allowing some farmers to file bankrupt at the expense of the taxpayers, in which the farmer then are able to keep the equipment and everything that goes with it merely by signing it over to a second party. I lay the country ills at the steps of Congress and the White House with the American voters that has been semi-comatose in all of the charade that has and continue to drive this country into oblivion. Just as a song I recalled from the late fifties in which the singer says "I'm busted", so it is with the good 'O" U.S. of A.
Are you finish patching my britches ma?